Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh where, oh where has my traveling toy camera gone?

I am looking forward to the toy camera arriving safely back across this side of the ocean!
It's been so great seeing everyone's photographs and knowing that the camera is making it's way around the world! I believe that now we have someone from nearly every continent ready to welcome the camera to their city! This is a very exciting prospect!
I'm also toying (no pun intended) of seeking everyone's input into making some kind of book or memento for all the participants so that we can share our favorite photos with the others in a more permanent way. I got this idea when I received a postcard in the mail with my favorite image from the camera's visit to Vancouver - I was so excited to get this lovely postcard thanking me for setting up the project and being able to put it up in my home.
Thoughts participants? Would anyone be interested in this kind of idea?