Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vancouver Pics

I was ready for when the camera arrived in Vancouver. I had a my hot cup of coffee, a bowl of granola and a roll of T400CN. I finished my breakfast, loaded the little camera, tucked my little boy up under my arm and we were off......

The first couple of shots were easy, the church is just behind our house, and my son was getting excited..... "Camera, camera, camera" he shouts from the comfort of his stroller.

Next stop was Vancouver City Hall and the surrounding grounds....... we tried to meet with Mayor Gregor Robertson but he was busy. So after a snack under the trees we were off "Bu bye, trees" spouts my son.

The last stop on our morning adventure, was Granville Island. "Bird, bird, bird" shouted Addison. There was no doubt we were stopping to chase the birds.


  1. These are great - I especially love the last one with the birds! The contrast between light and dark in the first one is cool too!

  2. Lovely and moody - what film did you use?

  3. Thanks Emily, for the kind words and the chance to contribute (I may have to get a Vivitar UWS, I quite like it)

    I shot with Kodak's BW400CN. The only adjustment in Photoshop are a slight levels adjustment and color layer to give it a Sepia tone.

  4. Love your choice of film, looks really nice in sepia!

  5. Fantastic skies! The tone is lovely, too.

  6. In addition to wonderful photos I also enjoyed your son's narrative. My favorite photo is the twigs/tree branches and the clouds in the center.