Friday, January 29, 2010

First camera photos

So my first roll of film came in - here are a few shots to start with but I will add more as I look at them. I would agree with the Four Corners Dark review that it needs at least 400ISO, I have no expectations at this point for my roll of 200ISO but we will see.
The above photo is the view from the library.

I was walking to meet my husband and I thought the street looked nice so I took this shot as I crossed the street. This is close to Chinatown in Ottawa.

I walk by this house nearly every day on my way to meet my husband. This plastic situation was established before Christmas...not sure what it's about but interesting to look at.

This is a bank turned pawn shop near my work - I like that the Bank of Montreal reliefs are still on the side of the building.
That's it for now but more to come!

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